We cover wide scale of this discipline from supplier quality through production quality to customer quality.
We provide audits according to ISO 9001, ISO TS 16 949 and other standards. We are able to prepare your company for certification.
Our activities in production could be split into two main streams:
One of them is production extension through assembly and start up of new production equipment or transfer
of the equipment from other production sites. 
The other is production optimization through scrap reduction, productivity enhancement, lean production etc.
In logistic we also cover large scale of activities from pre-serial logistics to distribution and transport.

In this area we act from provision of single equipment to the complete procurement services by technological projects execution.

About us

Neuran is technological consulting company that
works mainly for automotive, machinery, and consumer electronics.
We`ve been working in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Projects were also realized in other countries (Hungary, Bosnia) We cooperate with specialized companies
within European union.